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Performance and use of butyl tape

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Six outstanding features:
Excellent water resistance.
Excellent durability.
Excellent heat resistance and cold resistance.
Excellent adhesion.
Excellent solvent resistance
Excellent shockproof.
At present, the use of waterproofing binder bonding, metal pressure plate, PC board and other supporting materials of civil structure roofing, metal board face seal waterproof engineering, butyl seal tape has played a very important role. Below, introduce the construction method of steel structure waterproof.
1. According to the gap and width of metal plate type or joint, according to the engineering design requirements, select the size.
2. Wipe the joint of the metal plate.
3. Will begin three, the metal plate at one end, butyl tape slowly opened into a straight line along the joint sealing tape on the lower plate on it, and then gently press the tape with the hand, with the strong metal binding.
4. Tear off the separation paper on the top of the butyl seal tape, press the metal plate on the upper part of the interface into the joint, and then squeeze the seam in the order of the joint, so that the joints will bond firmly and tightly.
5. Tighten the screw to tighten the adhesive tape up and down.
Perfect waterproof engineering construction need to product quality and reliable sealing tape butyl seal adhesive tape is composed of butyl rubber with polyisobutylene mixture of such as the main raw material, according to the special production formula, using the latest patented technology, high quality special polymer of imported materials, through special process to produce environmentally friendly solvent free sealing tape. It has the following advantages:
1.    Excellent mechanical properties, high bond strength, tensile strength, elasticity, good extension performance, can keep the permanent flexibility, the interface deformation and cracking strong adaptability, can withstand a certain degree of displacement.
2.    Stable chemical properties: excellent waterproof sealing and anti-chemical corrosion resistance, strong anti-ultraviolet (sunshine) ability, can be up to 20 years of service life, not curing for life.
3.    Reliable application performance: low temperature resistance and suitability, good size stability, simple construction operation, easy to use.